This kickstarter page is very well donbe. The video is extremely high quality, and the language is clear and completely explains the product. It makes the viewer interested in the product. the text is modern, and the color choices are perfect. the update messages are also clear. Considering the fact that the kickstarter page has raised almost 200,000 out of a 70,000 goal. The pictures are also pretty helpful. They show how versatile the product is, and how you can take it almost everywhere.

If I had some extra cash, I might consider donating it to the page.


Commonplace book




These three images caught my eye because I like their use of sketching and visual art within the book. I think actually drawing out your ideas and getting things on paper is a good way to let ideas flow. My mom is a visual artist and she uses a small sketch book like this where she handwrites her ideas or tasks, but she will include graphic pictures as well that she draws.

I have decided to go old fashioned, and use a sketchbook as my platform…rather than the internet. Technology is good for a lot of things, but I am trying to restrict my use of technology. If it werent for this class, I probably would never use social media at all. I know that we currently live in a digital age, but I find it annoying that everything is online…even communication. To me, a common place book is a place that you can use to think….and let ideas out. The internet is too distracting for me….and it would not be the most valuable  way for me to complete this assignment.

Do not get me wrong, I love the internet, and I love technology…but I also find it to be exhausting, and confusing. I bought the sketchbook for my commonplace book back in September when the assignment was first mentioned. I have pasted a few pictures in it since then, but I have not worked on it much since.

11/17 — Homework — ethics — pg. 75

The word ethics is most closely related to the word “morals.” It is an imaginary set of rules which governs someone. It helps to point out what is right and what is wrong in a society. Ethics come about based on experience and what the majority believes to be the right thing. Religion and politics are two of the main things which help to create “ethics” in society. We learn ethics from an early age. Our parents or adults in our life are constantly telling one how to act. Most of do not have to think to act ethically, we already know what is right and what is not.

11/17 — Free Write

Im not sure if I can say that I made in “ethical” choices when I edited my video for the effective video project. Incidentally, I did cut the video to make sure that people who I didnt have permission from were not in the video. I also made sure to cite the title and artist of the song I did for the background music.

John Law Response

Why are methods important in a technical writing environment?
What does Law mean when he asserts that methods “not only describe, but also help to produce the reality that they understand?”
What kinds of new research methods does Law suggest?
How does Law’s suggestion of the need for new/different kinds of research methods impact (or not) your specific field of academic/professional inquiry?

Methods are important in a technical writing environment because they help maintain an order and standard to research. Law is not saying that conventional research methods are bad, or unimportant. He states that there is room for conventional research methods. He hopes to broaden the scientific method. One method of doing this, is by throwing out the idea of certainty. This specific method extremely impacts my field of music. In music things are often black and white. Its either piano or its forte. Its in tune…or its not. Not having certainty in music seems kind of blasphemous. In computer science it may not work either. At the end of the day, it depends on if your code compiles or not. It is either does or doesnt.

Freewrite 10/22/2014

Reflect on any experience you have with the production of moving images. Home movies, class projects, personal projects, acting, friends who are actors…whatever…compose a few paragraphs about an experience with movies that stands out in your memory. If you are an experienced filmmaker, perhaps give some background on how you got started and what aspects of the production process most appeal to you.

I had a few experiences with film making in highschool. I made a few movies using imovie. Nothing fancy though. Just a series of clips together with sound in the background. I mostly used imovie for school projects. Nothing more.

However, my mom is a mural artist. This summer I started a video project for her. She would photograph herself painting murals from the same angle (camera on a tripod) and would take pictures every ten or so minutes. She has a remote for her camera that she would keep next to her to take the pictures. Then, I ould take the images and create a “speed painting” video of the process of the mural.

^here is a link to one of the videos I made.

Freewrite 10/20/2014

Upon signing up for a twitter for 462 I noticed how difficult it was to come up with tweets. Incidentally, I am not very experienced with twitter. Therefor, it was difficult to come up with tweet ideas. I dont really use social media that much. On my personal facebook, I have not posted a status in over a year. I just do not really know what to write for it.

With twitter, you mostly use small statuses to communicate, where instagram is only visuals.

I am not sure how I will try to find research on the social media project. It will be difficult to find information, because twitter/instagram have only been around for a few years. I might interview businesses which have made use of instagram and ask them the benefits of using the tool. The dangers of using social media may be the fact that it is completely public. you cannot filter your audience. Since my project is with a public chool organization, that may be one downside to instagram that the school district might not like.